Sunny Desert Engagement Session in Joshua Tree, California

Despite how sunny and bright this day was, it was freezing cold. Joey and Mariah not only braved the cold, but they laughed their way through the entire session so we could get some great photos. My friend Kylie set this shoot up, so huge thanks to her and to Joey and Mariah, who drove all the way from LA to model for us! Being in the desert was gorgeous and my photographer heart was dying to a photoshoot during this trip, so I’m so thankful for everyone who came together to make it possible.

As a photographer, both Trent and I both believe it’s so important to make our clients feel comfortable. To give them lots of direction, but also a lot of assurance so they can feel comfortable coming out of their shells and being who they really are. This takes patience, too, a little bit of getting to know each other. This means for longer photoshoots that take more of our time, but it’s 100% worth it. No matter how nervous you feel (or how freezing cold it is) being a photographer that puts clients at ease is essential. So, you can get photos with lots of personality, like in this shoot with Joey & Mariah!

enjoy the pics!

— Kendra

Romantic & Intimate Wedding in the Misty Countryside

Traci and Matthew got married on a historic plantation on a rainy Sunday. Fog settled in over the hills. It was a chilly day, but the first day of the year that actually felt like fall. It was the kind of day that you want to cuddle up with a cup of coffee. How fortunate that Traci and Matthew provided a coffee bar from Sunergos and that all their guests were invited in under a tent of twinkling lights! Both Traci and Matthew met each other for the first time while working at a coffeeshop together -- it all fit perfectly. 

The couple opted for a smaller wedding around 100 guests and no bridal party. Cutting out other traditions such as the bouquet toss and first dances allowed them to spend more time with the people they loved most. The bride told me she was so grateful she chose to do things the way they wanted them -- just a reminder that if you're planning a wedding, you don't have to do every tradition. 

Keeping things even more intimate and romantic, Traci and Matthew's family and friends all helped to make their wedding day happen. Traci's sister did her makeup & hair. A dear friend made Traci's ring & her earrings. Traci wore a beautiful back-necklace from her mother. All the guys set up the chairs and provided umbrellas for the ceremony. Their pastor married them. The vibrant & stunning flowers were made by another friend. 

After the ceremony, we photographers took the couple out to take photos in the drizzling rain. We got to enjoy the rest of the night and the reception as guests, since we’re friends of Matthew and Traci’s! We're thankful that we got to photograph such a sweet, loving and adventurous couple and to be able to call them friends. Traci and Matthew, we're so happy for you!


venue: Booker Brook Farm

florist: Sandra Krieg of Sandra Leigh Lynn Florals

photography: Trent & Kendra Photography

caterer: Sue Solinger

cake: Jacqueline Gottke

rentals: Reliable Rentals & American Party Lights

hair & makeup: Aubrey Diehl

coffee: Sunergos Coffee

wedding dress: David’s Bridal

groom’s attire: Men’s Wearhouse

Downtown Nashville & Centennial Park Couple's Session

Nashville is one of my favorite cities I’ve been to and since it’s less than three hours from Louisville, I’ve been there quite a lot. Nashville has some gorgeous places to hike, lots of coffeeshops with yummy coffee, real great food and plenty of spots for pretty photos. This was my first real photoshoot I’ve done in Nashville (which is surprising considering how much I’ve been there) that I did while I was on a trip with my bestie, Hannah.

Alexis and Tyler are a really cute couple have been married for a bit (I’ve probably said it too much on here, but it’s always a good time to have photos of you and your love together, no matter how long it’s been or if there’s no special occasion). They were cozy in front of the camera and braved the cold (and downtown Nashville traffic) for this shoot.

enjoy the pics!


Hannah Ours | Louisville Lifestyle Session at Naivé

Hannah is such a beautiful person. I may be a bit biased since she’s been my best friend for a long time now, but anyone and everyone who meets her will agree with me. Hannah is a photographer as well, but in Greenville, South Carolina. You should check out her work here. :)

I had such a lovely time taking Hannah’s portraits! We like to keep our business portrait sessions to be a mix of professional and personality. Everyone deserves portraits that reflect who they are.

Hannah’s cliental is mostly seniors and fashion, so we decided to pick a trendy new spot in town, Naivé. They really have the cutest space and the natural light was perfect for photos. (The food and cocktails are good, too, FYI!) The restaurant is filled with plants, which was great for me since I tend to always lean towards wanting to add nature in my work, even in the most urban of spots. And who doesn’t like plants?

If you’re looking to update those headshots, don’t hesitate to reach out to us! From updating your website with new “about me” photos, to making sure you’re sharing your face on instagram, photos of yourself will help clients connect with you & see your personality.

Central Park, Louisville Downtown Engagement Session

Amelia and Josiah are the sweetest couple and friends of ours. We took their engagement photos last year at Central Park in Old Louisville. It was hot, but they ended the session by dancing in a sprinkler together, so it’s all good.

They met because Josiah’s older sister and Amelia’s friend, Grace, played matchmaker and insisted they’d be a perfect fit. The only trouble was, Amelia lived in Louisville and Josiah lived up in Minnesota. Grace planned a camping trip for the three of them so they could meet each other and the rest was history. A few months later, Josiah proposed to Amelia and moved his life to Louisville. They just finished re-modeling their newly bought home (it’s really cute) and we’re so happy for them both! Love is really an adventure and we’re grateful to have friends who also know what an adventure it is.

Check out the photos! They’re some of our favorites.