In Home Couple's Session (with lots of plants)

It’s been a hot second since I've posted here on the blog, because fall wedding season has been crazy busy. Which we are so grateful for. But blogging has definitely been put on the back burner . . . But today, I’m taking a break from editing today to share this session I did back in March!

Sara is another photographer local to Louisville and is amazing. You really should go check out her work. Her and her spouse, Bobby, are down-to-earth and chill. I grabbed some headshots of Sara for her biz (had to include them bc she’s cute) then took photos of them both just hanging out. In home sessions are a great idea if you spend a lot of time at home and want some photos of you and your love in your space together. Sara actually took photos of Trent and I in our apartment (link to her post!) and I already treasure them, but I know we will even more as life changes and we remember our first home together. Plus, being at home is just comfy.

Ok enjoy the pics!


Ballroom Wedding & Ceremony at the Henry Clay

What an awesome day. Sara & Paul are some of the sweetest, most-fun people you’ll meet. Their day was filled with the best moments. I swear Trent and I each cried at least once lol!

Some sweet moments were:

Sara wrote letters to all of her bridesmaids. Both Paul and Sara gifted their parents letters & gifts. One of Sara’s longtime besties did her hair & makeup. Paul cried a lot during their first look (I did some too). Sara’s sister and matron of honor, Katie, took such good care of her — even miraculously removed some cigarette-ash that blew on her dress during photos. (People, throw your trash away!) Sara’s dress AND her bridesmaids’s dresses had pockets. Sara’s mom got her original wedding band refitted so Sara could wear it. Their grandparents and parents were the sweetest people. They decorated their centerpieces with photos from their childhood, matched up their ages with the table numbers. The Henry Clay ballroom looked beautiful with their decorations & all the personal touches! Sara and her dad bawled as they walked down the aisle. Paul’s dad sang and played “Forever Young” during the ceremony (I cried again). There was a lot of hugging & embracing & crying after the ceremony, too (yeah I cried again). We got to sneak Sara & Paul outside for some photos just as the sun was setting. They danced away to “In Spite of Ourselves” by John Prine and there were lots of laughs. “Cover Me Badd” set the dance floor moving with their classic covers. It really was the best day.

Paul and Sara, we’re so happy for you both!!

— T & K

shout out to all the amazing vendors!

second shooter: Hannah Ours

videographer: Trent & Kendra Photography (I’ll add the video when it’s done!)

venue: Henry Clay

coordinator: Lisa Houser

makeup & hair: AV Beauty Bar

dress: Bridal & Formal

suit: Macy’s

invitations: ShutterFly

caterer: Crushed Ice Catering

florist: Nanz & Kraft

reception band: Cover Me Badd

cake & cupcakes: Lady A Cakes

officiant: PR Rogers

ceremony band:

Our Wedding

Y’all, it’s weird blogging my own wedding, haha! But we got to look through all of these again, so I’m glad you all wanted me to blog these. One year later and these photos are just even sweeter to go through than they were when we first received them. Aubrey Renee was our photographer and I’m forever grateful to her for taking them.

We kept our wedding really small for many reasons, kept things simple and us. We wrote our own vows (Trent wrote his the morning of the wedding, classic haha) and Trent’s dad got ordained to marry us. My best friend, Hannah, and I picked our bouquet flowers on the side of the road as we drove out to the venue. We got our centerpiece flowers at the farmer’s market from our friends at Pure Pollen.

Certain things were untraditional, Trent and I and our families all “walked down the aisle” together. Some things were more traditional, like the cake cutting and we ended up having a “first dance”, though it wasn’t planned. John Denver’s “Annie” came on and I knew Trent & I had to dance to it. It was such a hot day, but it still was a good time. :)

My advice for if you’re having a wedding is to keep it how you want it, because you only get to do it once anyway. If you want to throw a huge party with 300 of your friends then do it. If you want an imitate, smaller wedding like ours (or maybe just the two of you!) then do it. And find the things that matter most to you and splurge on those things. The things that mattered most to us were the venue, the food and photos.

thank you to everybody who made our day special! :)

photography: Aubrey Renee, Hannah Ours (the last few photos were by Hannah)

venue: Short Branch Farms “Cabin in the Woods”

cake: Trent’s mom!

table flowers: Pure Pollen Flowers

coordinator/planner: Natalie Bonura (guys I didn’t have to set up anything or worry about things going as planned because of Natalie. she also helped me plan things before that I wouldn’t have even though of)

dress: Blushfashion on Etsy

food: Aubrey Fingerson, Pete Fingerson, Marie Haynes, Mac Miller (the taco bar was great, thanks guys!)

music: this playlist

officiant: Trent’s Dad, Steve Farris

earrings: Francesca’s

ring & wedding band: a random pawn shop in Asheville & Trent’s great-grandpa’s ring

name cards: Lauren Elaine Dickie

ps: Trent, I’m glad we got to meet each other and get to hangout forever and I’m glad I swiped right :)