Forest & Canyon Engagement Session at Starved Rock State Park

You guys, I'm living for this engagement session! Trent and I got to travel outside of the Louisville area for this session and it was really nice & inspiring creative-wise to have a change of scenery. It was our first time to Starved Rock State Park and it didn’t disappoint. There were loads of waterfalls and canyons in the short hike that we took. It was slightly busy & touristy, but it was the first pretty day in two weeks without rain. Starved Rock really is the perfect spot for photos!

Cristina and Dan have known each other for awhile now (Cristina said she didn’t give Dan the time of day when they first met, but obviously that changed :)) and are actually getting married next year at Starved Rock! The hike gave us some time to get to know each other and scout for when we take their wedding portraits. They both are laid-back and wanted the more natural shots. I think one thing I’m learning with photography is that the laid-back natural stuff is more and more what we want to do, and so I should approach sessions more laid back. Obviously if a couple wants more direction we can give them that and we still do direct, but if you want to capture someone in their laid-back and relaxed state, you have to be relaxed yourself. When I’m relaxed is when I feel like we get the photos that are most valuable to the couple anyways. Sometimes it’s hard not to have really high expectations on yourself when you show up for a shoot, especially a wedding, but it’s so much better to set those expectations aside, show up fully present and be real yourself.

These are things I’m learning so thanks for reading this if ya did . . . but either way enjoy the pics!! Dan and Cristina are the best.