A Nigerian Wedding Ceremony

What an honor Trent and I had to be able to photograph Sarah and YY’s Nigerian wedding. In honor of both their cultures and families, they decided to have two weddings — an American one and a Nigerian one. It was wonderful to see both families come together as one to celebrate these two incredible people. We enjoyed the color, diversity, laughter and dancing (a lot of dancing) that their weddings held.

I’ll probably be blogging their American wedding as well, but for now I’m so excited to share these photos with you. There was so much culture and different traditions in the Nigerian ceremony that we were delighted to see. There was lots of dancing to celebrate. YY asked for Sarah’s family’s blessing and he and his groomsmen had different “tests” to pass, from pushups to seeing how fast he could sprint across the room! The family showered Sarah with money as a symbol of their life together being abundant. There was lots of prayer and hugging and welcoming. It was truly beautiful to be a part of this experience.

Enjoy all the photos! (: