Harvest Coffeeshop & Shelbyville Farm Engagement Session

Both Baker and Tiffany are some of the chillest, laid back and kind-hearted people I've met. Our initial meeting lasted longer than any other I've had, and in the best of ways. Much to my excitement, I got to hear their story: how they'd known each other since elementary school and eventually had their lives woven together close enough for Baker to get down on one knee and ask Tiffany to marry him. pretty adorable, right? 

Nothing can really be more adorable than photographing them, either. Even though it was pouring down rain for half our session, I'm grateful to have clients who are adventurous and not afraid to get a little rained on or muddy. I'm really grateful. 

Shout out to Harvest Coffee and Café for having yummy drinks and being cozy & dry. okay -- now enjoy the photos of this adorable couple!