Gerry & Sameera | Mellwood Arts Center Wedding

Gerry and Sameera have a whole-hearted, crazy and joyous kind of love. You can see it written all over Sameera's face and you can sense it when they walk into a room. These two -- Sameera with her spunky kindness and Gerry with his outgoing charm -- have been wonderful to work with these past few weeks. 

Their wedding was wonderful, too. It was gorgeous, filled with good people, and loud in all the best of ways. Gerry & Sameera, thanks for everything and cheers to the Coopers! 

venues: Mellwood Arts Center, Redeemer Lutheran Church, Hyatt Regency 

makeup: Ariel Moore 

second shooter: Tabitha Booth Photography

officiant: Pastor Ensley 

cake: Adrienne & Company 

DJ: Michael Robinson of DJ Out Here


florist: Ray Herdt 

caterer: Saffrons Restaurant