Couple's Photo Session at Bernheim Arboretum & Forest

Trent and I had a blast last weekend photographing Jenna and her boyfriend, Evan. Bernheim Forest is our new personal favorite place to shoot around Louisville (we had our engagement photos taken there!) and I think it will continue to be an all-time favorite. We love choosing locations that reflect our couple’s personalities and hobbies. Evan and Jenna love to hike and actually hike occasionally at Bernheim, so the spot was perfect. They started their session with two of their pets (I could photograph Jenna’s cat all day). Then to end the shoot, they brought a picnic blanket and some bourbon so we grabbed some candids of them drinking and looking out at the water. I think that incorporating your personalty and relationship into your photo session is really important. That can be something as small as going to a park where you like to walk your dogs or drinking tea on your living-room couch together.

Going somewhere that’s familiar to you or doing something that you love doing together during the shoot can allow you to relax and let us get those genuine-real photos that you want captured. That’s ultimately what’s important to us when it comes to photography.

Jenna and Evan, thanks for choosing us to photograph you. We’re grateful for you guys! (: