Spring in Greenville, South Carolina + Mental Health thoughts

I think that for a lot of us, mental health wasn’t discussed growing up and if it was discussed, it was talked about only as a problem, in an extreme “that-could-never-happen-to-me” sort of way. However, I’m learning it’s really important to not only discuss your mental well-being, but to work on ways to improve it and learn more about it. The first step is to discuss it, so if you’re there, kudos to you!

Art is a really important way for me to express myself and if I’m not involved in something artistic, I find my mental state suffers. That’s why I’m so glad my friend Hannah was down for me to take some photos of her beautiful self and let me try out some (kind of weird tbh) poses.

Other things that help when I consistently do them: yoga, journaling & reading, meditating, having coffee dates with friends and being out in nature.

Let me know what things help improve your mental state in the comments below. The weird ones are more to the bottom. Enjoy =)

— Kendra