Intimate Home Wedding in Shelbyville, Kentucky

Melanie and Josh met at Forest Fest in Jefferson Memorial Forest a couple of years back. It was lucky they ever met at all, since Melanie decided to go alone to the festival (something rare for her to do) and Josh normally didn’t go to “hippy” festivals, so it was rare for him, too. They ended up sharing the only empty picnic table and chatting, until the band Melanie wanted to see started playing. Then they sat together for the rest of the evening. Josh took out his phone at one point to video the band, then slyly asked to have her number so he could send her the video later on. Turns out, the video size was too large to send via text, so he asked for her email. When email didn’t work either, Josh made an entire youtube channel just so he could upload it and send her the video. True story. They’ve been together since.

They wanted to have a small wedding, in the house that Melanie’s recently passed father built. Since the house was about to be sold, they threw together a wedding in two weeks. It was simple, focused on their love and beautiful.

Josh and Melanie, we’re so happy for you both and thank you for choosing us as your photographers!

huge thank you to the vendors as well —

Makeup: Shelby Norwick

Wedding Dress: BHLDN

Hair: Shelby Norwick

Caterer: Sue Solinger

Florist: Sticks and Stems

Cake: Mrs. Jeanie Kemper

Videographer: Trent & Kendra Photography

Officiant: Bill Hedges