Brown Park, St Matthews Kentucky 50th Anniversary Session

Trent’s grandparents have been together for over 51 years. We had the honor of photographing them last year and here’s the result.

I remember a few months after Trent and I first met and we were driving back from Red River Gorge, the sun setting all around us. I looked over at him and knew I wanted to be with him forever, our love growing older and stronger together. It wasn’t a feeling, just a fact I knew in my soul. With him I was and am safe, steady and free all at once. I think the older I get the more I realize that the right kind of love isn’t just a feeling or an emotional rollercoaster. It can feel like that, at times. But overall, it’s peaceful, steady and grows a little bit everyday when you tend to the person you care about.

I admire Trent’s grandparents and the steady love they have for each other. Love is beautiful in all stages, but I think the stage they’re in might be my favorite.