Old Louisville Snow Couple's Session + how to prepare for snow photos


Remember that big snow we got in April last year?! Yeah, crazy, especially for Kentucky. The snow covered our neighborhood, Historic Old Louisville and I swear it was the most beautiful sight. The photos give me some serious Narnia vibes. I used to live with Shepherd and Arielle (I’ve blogged a session with them before! check it out here, after you read this one, of course). Living with cute subjects who are down to model for you is the greatest, plus their pup Pickle made the shoot even better.

Also, I get it, snow sessions are really pretty, but how practical is it to plan such things? This year we have a longer list of clients who are wanting snow session photos, so here’s a couple of tips I have if you’re wanting to do a snow session!

  • Bundle up, BUNDLE UP. Even if you don’t want to actually take all the photos in your winter gear, it’s good to be prepared. You’ll be walking around from one location to the next and want to be warm during that time. Plus, if you have a cute coat and are warm, you’ll look like you’re actually enjoying yourself instead of freezing your butt off.

  • Plan a sunrise or sunset shoot. Unless it’s cloudy outside, the middle of the day is the worst time for photos. With all the white snow, the sun will reflect brightness even more. Make sure your photographer knows the best times to shoot!

  • Stop by a coffeeshop. You can get some cute cuddly photos while drinking coffee AND warm up. it’s a win-win situation.

  • Be laid-back & go with the flow. You already have to be flexible with planning a shoot around the weather, but especially if you’re hoping for a snow session. Be laid-back! And have a couple of different backup dates with your photographer or you can have them add you to a “snow waitlist” which is what we’re doing this year!

  • Bring blankets & hand warmers. I think sessions with blankets are the cutest and if there’s snow on the ground, cuddling up in a blanket actually makes sense.

If you’re looking for more tips for your couple’s or engagement session, check out this post I made here! enjoy all the photos & let me know if you have questions in the comments!