Jess McGhie | Manchester, United Kingdom Portraits

manchester, UK || jan 2017

(yes, it's been like 3 months but I still exist) 

I'm reallyreally excited to share this session with y'all. (it's a good way to break the silence of blogging, right?) I got back from my overseas trip about a month ago, and while I was overseas I had the pleasure of meeting + spending time with the lovely Jess McGhie. She's a photographer too, and her work is full of life, travel and love. (basically she's perfect.)

since we're both photographers, of course there had to be a photo-shoot of sorts, ya know? we both did shoots a little different and a little out of our comfort zone. I tried some different poses, tried to incorporate more movement and directed the emotion I wanted from the photos, instead of relying on her emotion to shoot. But I still tried to capture Jess's personality, cause she's got a great one. She's dramatic and blunt -- in the most chill and sincere way. And she's got lotsa jokes to tell. 

here's the lovely Jess, peeps! 

makeup: Afshan Akhtar 

outfit: ralph lauren (shirt), h&m (jeans), new look (shoes)