Kentucky Barn Wedding

If I could use one word to describe this wedding, it would be joy. A whole lot of joy. 

Kabiera is adopted from Liberia and her now-husband, Josiah (or Josmo) was adopted, too. They were both adopted into separate large families who have big hearts and who focus on loving people. Josiah and Kabiera's wedding was about people coming together . . . people coming together to serve and everyone pitched in a hand. Their wedding was about them as a couple coming together -- forever, to be just a glimpse of the way Christ has loved the church.

Both of Josiah and Kabiera's adopted parents cared for them as if they were their own. Kabiera's mama cried while she helped her daughter put on her wedding dress; her dad held her tenderly as he walked her down the aisle. Kabiera wore her grandmother's wedding dress -- even though they have never met. I'm sure she would be proud. 

There was lots of laughter (maybe some tears, too) and a lot of kiddos running around. There was a lot of rain before, but it cleared up in perfect time. 

Kabiera and Josiah . . . thank you so much for letting me take part in your wedding. I wish you two all the best!