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I know it's been awhile since I've posted and I know I have loads of other work to put up here. I'm making some changes and those will come, but for now, here is a more personal post with photos I took on a hike. This is actually a letter to a friend of mine -- hopefully it will help whoever takes the time to read it. 


my dear friend, 

first off: it's more than ok to be afraid. it's ok to be scared. it's okay because it means you are human and it's okay because it means you care. if you weren't afraid, you would either be full of pride or you wouldn't be passionate about anything. what you are passionate about is meaningful. it's good. and since you care, you don't want to mess up. you don't want it to go to waste. i can't promise you that it won't go to waste and i certainly can't promise you that you won't mess up. (actually, i'm promising you right now: you WILL mess up) 

and second: it is not ok to be afraid and let the fear stop you. do what you love. who cares if you mess up? (remember, you will mess up) who cares what people think? do what you love. my knees shook and sweat clung to my fingers as i gripped the camera, but i did it anyway. now my feet stand a little steadier, i switch lenses much faster and my voice only carries a hint of fear. it will get easier. you will not be wasting time, not be wasting energy, if it's what makes you come alive. you only have one life and you do not know how long it will last. now is now. it will never be here again and now will never be a long time ago. 

you used to tell me something and now i'm going to say it back, "you know what you need to do: now go do it." 

even if you're afraid, even if you tremble -- don't let it stop you. go do it. be afraid and do it anyway.