Floyds Fork Engagement

I knew that I was going to love working with Jonathan and Laurel from the first time they met with me. They are two people that definitely know how to have fun and like to laugh, but who, most importantly, place a high value on their love for each other and for the Lord. Both of them really care about each other a whole lot. Jonathan had Laurel laughing in almost every photo and I think she does a good job of keeping him in line. And they also have a really cute dog named Stella. I feel like I know her from how much they talk about her and from Instagram pictures. (cheers for Instagram!)

They hiked in the woods, danced next to a creek and Jonathan saved Laurel from a couple of bees. So you can say we had a good time. Jonathan and Laurel, thanks for choosing me as your photographer, for putting up with my photo ideas and for treating me like a friend. 

Enjoy the photos!