Louisville Skyline Proposal & Engagement

This past weekend I had the honor of helping plan a proposal and to be able to photograph it. It was my first time photographing a proposal, so I was pretty stoked! If that isn’t exciting enough, Amanda is one of my best friends so I had a hard time keeping it a secret. I think Ace and I managed to pull it off well. She was pretty surprised. :)  

I met Amanda when we both worked at a coffeeshop in Shelbyville. We both moved to separate cities after that, she met Ace, lots of change happened, but I’m glad we’ve stayed good friends through it all. Amanda and Ace are perfect for each other — both of them are caring, kind, compassionate people and they demonstrate that in different ways. Ace is the outgoing, loving guy who’s got a goofy side and gives great hugs. Amanda cares about people with a relentless, quiet, sensitive kind of love and always willing to listen. I love both of these two and really, really happy for them. 

Ace and Amanda, thanks for letting me photograph your love!