Morgan & Alex | downtown LA couple's session

Morgan and Alex are a real cool, goofy and smokin attractive couple I had the privilege of photographing last month. They’re both musicians out in Los Angeles (I shot this in downtown LA, traffic sucks, but the city doesn’t so it’s okay). Go check out Alex’s band “The Heirs” and Morgan is under “Morgan St. Jean” on spotify — they both work very hard and have really groovy music. 


Also yes, I shot at the Broad which is overdone, I know. But I’m from Kentucky so I just gawked at all the fancy LA stuff cause I’m cool like that. Enjoy the photos and you should listen to “Lies” by The Heirs while you’re at it.

Justin Gambino | Musician/Artist Portrait Session

I met Justin last year when he was on tour and played at Harvest Cafe and Coffee out in Shelbyville. When I heard he was passing through Kentucky again and he needed some photos, I jumped at the chance. Justin has some good stuff (check him out on spotify! follow him on instagram!). Loved grabbing some shots of him playing live and some portraits before the show. Musicians have always been a favorite of mine to photograph and I was stoked to work with him! 

Morgan St. Jean | Los Angles Portraits

Music is something that I'll cherish my whole life. I can't remember the last time I spent a day without listening to music and musicians fascinate me. really. I freaking love musicians. 

I was thrilled when my new friend Kylie (Kylie rocks guys) asked if I wanted to photograph her musician friend with her while I was in California. Of course I said yes and of course we jammed out to her friend's music on our drive out from Joshua Tree to LA (more on that later. been swamped lately). Morgan St. Jean is the talented and gorgeous artist I had the pleasure of photographing. She's outgoing, confident and honest. And she has a killer voice. Y'all should check her out

Also, Los Angles was wonderful and I didn't want to leave: then at the same time it's good to be honest. Make sense? 

Here's those photos.