In Home Couple's Session in the Highlands of Louisville

I know I've raved enough on here about how much I love in-home sessions, so I'll spare you from that rant. 

BUT I will probably rave about Daniel and Danielle. I had a blast during this whole shoot! They're both so full of vibrant life, laughter and some mad dance moves. Danielle rocks her pink hair and is a photographer herself, a pretty amazin' one. And Daniel? He can cook . . . enough said. 

Turn on some ODESZA (<--- what we jammed to this entire session) and enjoy the photos. 

Nikia & Matt | In Home Anniversary Session

In-home sessions are all the rage in the photography world, but maybe for a good reason. It's the simple moments that make up the best days of our lives: messy unmade bedsheets, coffee breath and short walks on a Sunday morning. Although snazzy new outfits, perfect hair and a full face of makeup can be fun for photos, the real moments are just as vital to remember -- if not more important. 

Nikia and Matt have a simple, genuine and whole-hearted kind of love. They're the sort of people that make dorky jokes, laugh a hella lot and send you home with a movie to borrow (yep, they're my favorite sort of people). And Maverick, the dog, is the absolute cutest. 

enjoy the photos, peeps. 

Jaicee & Danny | Joshua Tree, California

Lifestyle and "real life" shoots are my favorite to capture. Genuine moments, like your family making pancakes on a Saturday morning (even if the kitchen is a mess) or the way he helps her down the stairs, holding her hand: these are the moments you'll want to remember. Not the awkward "everyone stand here and look at the camera. CHEESE!" photo. I try to make my clients comfortable so they can be themselves and then I can capture photos that are more real and more them. It's challenging since everyone is different, but it's oh-so-rewarding. 

While I was out in Joshua Tree, California at Ben Sasso and Katch Silva's workshop last month I had the privilege of being able to photograph the lovely Morgans. They've been married for a few months now. I hadn't worked with any couples that had already been married (only minutes after their ceremony) so it was a wonderful experience. 

check em out!