Sunny Desert Engagement Session in Joshua Tree, California

Despite how sunny and bright this day was, it was freezing cold. Joey and Mariah not only braved the cold, but they laughed their way through the entire session so we could get some great photos. My friend Kylie set this shoot up, so huge thanks to her and to Joey and Mariah, who drove all the way from LA to model for us! Being in the desert was gorgeous and my photographer heart was dying to a photoshoot during this trip, so I’m so thankful for everyone who came together to make it possible.

As a photographer, both Trent and I both believe it’s so important to make our clients feel comfortable. To give them lots of direction, but also a lot of assurance so they can feel comfortable coming out of their shells and being who they really are. This takes patience, too, a little bit of getting to know each other. This means for longer photoshoots that take more of our time, but it’s 100% worth it. No matter how nervous you feel (or how freezing cold it is) being a photographer that puts clients at ease is essential. So, you can get photos with lots of personality, like in this shoot with Joey & Mariah!

enjoy the pics!

— Kendra