Shelby Hills Kentucky | Farm Wedding

I often forget to be grateful. Scratch that, I forget wayyy too often. I forget to be grateful for simple everyday things like being able to eat three meals a day or having a car to drive. I also forget to be grateful for my clients . . . cause my kind of clients are clients that turn into friends. Tiffany and Baker were the kind that turn into friends and the kind where though I might be rushing around with my camera all day, my heart is filled to the brim the entire time. There were some tears on their wedding day, a lot of mosquitoes and even some rain (okay, a lot of rain) but the closeness of family and the couple's relationship stood out more than anything. 

After grabbing some storm photos (that I ended up lovin!) instead of sunset photos on their wedding day, rain is now my friend. And Shelby Hills Farm has been one of my favorite barn venues out here in Kentucky and the other vendors were so kind to work with. I'll give em a shout out below! 

Tiffany and Baker, you all make it easier to be grateful. thankyouthankyou and I wish you both all the best! 

Vendors: Shelby Hills Farm

Videographer: Luke Metzger Videos

Makeup: Kaitlyn Mullins

Hair: Shelia Distler

Caterer: Hometown Pizza

Florist: David Williams    

DJ: Ron Middleton

Cake: Sams club, artsy fartsy

Officiant: Mike Noble