Joshua Tree

I wanna start this all off by being super honest and stating this fact: I've felt uninspired with my photography lately. really uninspired. and I'm not talking about the "rough-week" or even "rough-month" uninspired, but the kind of uninspired that drags on for what seems like forever. Actually, the last time I was inspired was out in Joshua Tree -- when I attended this workshop. 

I know I've shot lots of pretty weddings lately. I know I've traveled TONS. but I just haven't felt that urge, that desire to just grab my camera and shoot in months. I definitely very much enjoy photographing my clients but I haven't wanted to take photos for fun, for myself. I haven't wanted to create for the sake of creating. It's discouraging. 

All that to say (before this becomes a pity party . . . queue Elton John's "sad songs"), if you're a creative and not feeling very creative -- it's okay. As Ben Sasso says, "we're all in this together". I DO know what I need to do to get outta this rut. I need to plan a shoot with some people that I'd be stoked to photograph, photograph them for free (money adds pressure for me guys), and get off my butt. I just haven't got there yet. I will. 

Let's throw it back to mid-September of 2016, when I was camping in the desert with a bunch of rad photographers and feeling very inspired. I met wonderful people. guys, the creative community is so encouraging and even stronger than I thought it was. Ben Sasso and Katch Silva are so down-to-earth and I learned lots from them. 

These photos are mostly just random photos of photographers photographing photographers (there's a lot of "photo" in that sentence). Joshua Tree national park was gorgeous, the people I camped & hung out with were amazing and I'm grateful.