Trey & Erin | Shelby Hills Wedding

Summer weddings can be hot, like the sticky-sweaty kinda hot, but with all the emotion and excitement it's easy to forget about the heat. Trey and Erin's wedding was one of those: hot yet full of good times. Trey is quick to make Erin laugh with his goofy, fun spirit and I think Erin keeps him in line. ;) She looked stunning -- it certainly was a beautiful wedding. 

(warning: random rant ahead) Lately I've been feeling a little (ok, a lot) overwhelmed with the amount of photos I have to cull, to edit and deliver, especially with working a part time job during the week and shooting on the weekends . . . but I also need to take a moment to feel thankful. Thankful that I have people to photograph. Thankful that people trust me to document their wedding day and other events. I really have enjoyed all the relationships I've built and photography makes me feel more alive than ever. y'all are wonderful and I'm very very grateful. 

here's those pics! (and shoutouts to the wedding vendors) 

second shooter: this adorable chic named Erin Drysdale of Erin E Photography

venue: Shelby Hills Farm

officiant: Ben Henry 

makeup: Jessica Land 

DJ: Ron Middleton

hair: Rebeca Lemes