Frequently Asked Questions

How does the booking process work?

To start, you can fill out our form on the pricing page. We’ll get back with you within 24 hours! From there, we can set up a coffee date, phone/video call, or keep things moving through email to answer any questions you may have. Whatever is easiest for you! Once you’re ready to book, we’ll send over the contract & initial invoice (either 50% of the package you choose, or if you’re still not sure about that, a $1,000 deposit that goes towards the package of your choice). You sign online (it’s digital and real easy). And we secure the date in our calendar and make it official! We have booked up several popular wedding dates in 2020, but we’re definitely still booking for 2020 and starting 2021 as well, so we’d love if you’d get in touch with us. Even if we are already booked on your date, we are happy to send you a list of photographers that will be a good fit for you, so don’t hesitate to reach out & we’re here for you.

Do you have insurance?

You bet! We have liability insurance, a lot of venues require us photographers/videographers to have it. Equipment insurance is something we have as well, that protects all of our gear if it got stolen or damaged. And then we have business insurance, which is to ensure that things would keep moving smoothly on our end if one of us got injured or ill.

What if you are sick or injured on our wedding day?

We’ve still put all our heart & soul into photographing a wedding even while having the flu or a broken foot (and thankfully those things have only happened once haha). If, God forbid, something awful happened where we were both in the hospital, we have in our contract that we will find another photographer with a similar style to photograph your day, no extra cost to you. However that’s absolute worst-of-the-worst case scenario and it’s very, very unlikely that would ever happen. Whatever it is that is going on in our personal lives — we will show up for you and put our very best into documenting your day.

Help! My fiancé and I are really awkward in photos!

Don’t you worry about a thing. We don’t expect you to act like models! In fact, none of the couples we work with or have in our portfolio are models. It’s our job to help you to relax and feel comfy. We don’t force our couples into overly cutesy poses, this is another reason why we like to get to know you a little before taking pictures. Everyone feels nervous for photos, but trust us, you’ll love the photos. And if you don’t want to take our word for it, that’s cool too, check out some reviews here.

What is your style? I see brighter photos and darker ones on your portfolio.

We consider our style natural and documentary, with a creative approach. Since we lean more towards the natural side of things, yeah, some of our photos do look more moody and some look really warm & sunny. The reason for that is the light and weather is constantly changing. We don’t edit our photos to look like a certain weather, but rather, highlight whatever the weather was so you can feel like you were there on that day. A rainy wedding is going to look more dark and moody vs photos taken at a sunny ceremony at midday are going to be brighter. Photos taken right after sunset, at dusk, are going to be softer and a little darker vs photos taken an hour before sunset whenever everything is all golden. We’ve had clients that love the green, outdoors-y photos, but are getting married at an indoor venue. So we opted to take photos at a nearby park so they could still get those pictures they loved! We’re also experienced with indoors and use flash when we feel it’s best. Don’t hesitate to chat more with us about this and we will do anything & everything to get the photos you want.

What is the process if we decide to move forward or want to book you guys?

If you haven’t already, fill out our contact form! Once you do that, we’ll get in touch with you ASAP. We have lots of clients book us via email before meeting us, but we’re always happy to buy you coffee & chat in person if you wanna make sure we’re not creeps (or if you just want to talk in person, we get it haha). We also can hop on a phone call! Once we create a package that serves you best, we’ll send out an online contract & invoice. A $500 retainer fee is required to reserve the date OR you can pay half upfront. If you want to add anything on that you originally thought you wouldn’t want (a highlight video, etc) then you’re more than welcome to do that! Get in touch with us though and we’ll walk you through the whole process, it’s easy.

What time should I have you come or how many hours do I need??

We get it, all this stuff is hard to figure out! That’s why we also offer complementary photography timeline help with every package. We have several photo timeline examples we can send you and once you fill out the form and we’re able to chat a bit, we can recommend how many hours we think you’ll need if you don’t know.

How long do you take to deliver photos/videos?

For engagement/portrait shoots, we take about 2 weeks. For wedding photos, we take about a month. For wedding videos, currently about two months. And we always send out wedding sneak peeks within a week of the wedding! We get it, you’re excited to see, so we don’t keep you waiting when it comes to delivering. :)

Do you backup your photos/have backup gear?

Yes! While technology is amazing, it’s not always reliable so we always always have backup cameras and gear during the wedding. We photograph on two SD cards so even if one went corrupt, we have a backup. And then the very next day after your wedding, we backup your photos to hard-drives & iCloud.

How many weddings have you worked?

I, Kendra, have been assisting/second shooting weddings since I was just a kid of 15, so honestly I’ve lost count haha. Probably a couple of hundred. As the lead photographer though, I’ve been photographing weddings since 2015 and have done about 50 weddings total. Trent joined the team early 2018!

What if you haven’t worked at our venue before?

So we actually offer complementary venue walk-throughs with all of our packages! This helps us get a feel for the day and the lighting, but we’re also perfectly cool with showing up 30 mins early on your wedding day and scouting around.

Do you do this full-time?

Yes, we do and we’re really really grateful and fortunate that we can.

Can you edit out my double chin or fat rolls? Haha, but really.

First off, you’re perfectly beautiful and amazing exactly the way you are. Second, we are professional photographers, not professional editors. So if you want someone photoshopped into a family formal or your skin completely airbrushed, it is an extra cost of $10 per photo so we can send that to a professional editor. But while we aren’t professional editors, we can totally clear up your skin a little if you’ve got some acne or redness, and we will pose you in all the most flattering angles.

Can I just hire one of you and save some cash?

Nope! Part of the experience with us is that you get to work with a husband and wife team, we’ve been in your shoes before and can relate to you.

Can I have the RAW photos/videos?

So you actually need a special program like photoshop or premiere to even look at these files, so no, we don’t give our RAWs. And trust us, you’ll like our edited finished product wayyy better anyways!

What if we don’t want our photos online?

We will certainly honor this request even though posting our work is our main source of advertising. We’ve been asked this before and we will definitely respect it if you feel this way! Just please let us know sometime before the photoshoot/wedding so we can serve you best.

Woah, you read all of this? Hey thanks + you’re amazing!