about us


Hey! We're Trent and Kendra, photographers that are focused on documenting real moments and providing quality photos.

Meeting each other for the first time on Valentines day (much to our past disgust towards the mushy-gushy holiday), you could now label us hopeless romantics. Photographing couples in a similar season of life makes us all excited. So we totally get the rush of emotions & jitters you feel when you first get engaged or married. We got married in August of 2018. Yes, choosing to love someone and be for there for them everyday is hard and we've had our share of struggles . . . but it's oh-so-rewarding! We believe choosing love is the best thing you can do.

While we're both individually skilled photographers, our strengths and weaknesses compliment the other. That (and the fact that we love spending time with each other and our clients friends) is what makes our job so fun. When we're not photographing people, we love going on hikes (especially at Bernheim Forest), doing yoga and climbing together at Climb Nulu, getting drinks & coffeeeee, listening to live music, smoking cigars (Trent's fave), going thrifting at Fat Rabbit or Goodwill and readin' books. We really like being involved in things going on around Louisville and supporting other local businesses.

Enough about us, though! We want to hear more about you . . . so reach out & let us buy you a coffee. (:

above photos of us by the lovely Hannah of Hannah Ours.  


our wedding 

We got married on August 26th, 2018 at a cabin in woods in Center, Kentucky. It was small, intimate, not traditional, really hot and perfect for us. There was a taco bar, Trent's mom made the cake and I (Kendra) picked wildflowers on the side of the road that morning for my bouquet. It went by really really fast and we both cried happy tears as we read our handwritten vows during the ceremony. We kept the wedding uniquely us . . . and we highly encourage you to do the same. If it's eloping in the middle of the woods surrounded only by your family or throwing a huge party of a reception with all your friends or having your ceremony in the Catholic church you both grew up in -- whatever is you is best. 

wedding photos above by Aubrey Renee. <3

(behind-the-scenes slideshow, just for kicks)